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Autism Behavior Problems May Be Linked To Poor Sleep
Many children with autism have difficulty sleeping and new research suggests that such nighttime troubles may be directly tied to behavioral issues. Read More

Workplace Disability Discrimination Claims At Record High
Complaints of disability-based job discrimination are on the rise, hitting an all-time high, federal officials say. Read More

New Jersey Department of Human Services
DMHAS hosting eight rates meetings with providers to discuss methodology and the new provider specific rates. Please click here to register and attend one of the meetings

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Advocate Spotlight

Belinda Malave was born on July 10th 1968 in New Brunswick, NJ. Belinda enjoys listening to music, playing cards, BINGO, watching sports and going to church. She considers herself a religious individual and currently attends Good Sheppard Lutheran Church weekly. She recently recommitted herself and plans on becoming more involved in church activities as well as an advocate member in the community. Belinda was

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Voter Turnout General Election 2014

Voter Turnout General Election 2014 After a thorough analysis of Community Access Unlimited voter turnout, the New American Movement for People with Disabilities has provided a breakdown of voter turnout by program cluster: DD1- 43% of eligible members voted Consists of 9 programs and 67 members 85% of members attended at least one voter drive event 63 members (94%) are registered to vote 29

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