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Paul and Phyllis Fireman Foundation is set to take off.

  • Due to significant level of gaming revenue which has left our state because of the development of gaming in surrounding states. This loss of revenue has depleted. A briefing with Paul Fireman’s senior advisors, Nevins McCann of Connell Foley and Maggie Moran of M Public Affairs is taking place on Wednesday, December 10th at 10am at Liberty National Golf Course, 100 Caven Point Road, Jersey City, NJ 07305. He is proposing a world class resort destination casino around the Liberty National Golf Course.

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  • Don’t forget to register to vote for the upcoming 2014 general election on November 4th. Deadline to register is October 14th! Your Choice, Your Vote!


  • The Anti-Poverty Network, the Housing & Community Development Network, and other anti-poverty partners are collecting signatures to take the step the state needs to address affordable housing. There is a large pot of money designated for affordable housing at the municipal level. The money has already been collected in municipal Affordable Housing Trust Funds, but it cannot be used until COAH releases it. Commissioner Constable is being asked to regularly convene COAH to approve more plans and ensure that this resource can be used.

To read the letter click here and to sign on please email



  • Protest the Raiding of the 2014 COC increase! Demand a 3% increase in 2015!

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  •  Don’t Hang up on New Jersey

After Hurricane Sandy, Verizon announced it would not repair copper wire    telephone lines that provide traditional service, which in turn has affected many families that have and have not been affected by Sandy directly.

Recently, in the state of New Jersey, Verizon is forcing customers onto poor quality, unregulated wireless products instead of fixing the problems with current land line cables. As a result, Verizon has been forcing customers to accept VoiceLink instead of traditional telephone service, in which monitored home services and medical alert services do not work, putting senior citizens and individuals with disabilities at great risk.

The New American Movement for People with Disabilities and Don’t Hang up on NJ Coalition are committed to protecting services for New Jersey families, especially our senior citizens and individuals with disabilities.  We urge you to sign the following petition on behalf of Don’t Hang up on New Jersey Coalition, to urge the Board of Utilities and demand that they investigate Verizon’s refusal to repair landline service, forcing consumers to pay for a low-quality service called Voice Link which does not support monitored home and medical alert services.

A link to the petition can be found here.


  • Interested in sharing your experiences with NJTRANSIT regarding Bus, Rail, Light Rail, or Access Link services? Click here


  • The “Combating Autism Act” is up for re-authorization this year. This act was passed in 2005 to set priorities for federal autism research and surveillance activities and is opposed by the New American Movement for People with Disabilities, the self-advocacy movement, and our allies. Rather than supporting individuals with Autism in having a fulfilling life, the CAA’s primary mission is to eliminate people with autism. Reforms needed include:
      -Changing the name of the ‘Combating Autism Act’ to end the use of stigmatizing language
      -Only 2.4% of NIH’s autism research funding goes towards research on services and only 1.5% toward research on autistic adults. Reforms made need to re-evaluate and re-balance the Autism Research Agenda to include research on effective services and adults.
      -Prioritizing Funding for Autistic Adults
      -Changing the composition of the IACC to require that at least half of the public members be autistic people and to add representation by DOJ, NCD, HUD and other relevant service-oriented federal agencies

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